Why MSNBC ought to keep Pat Buchanan.

According to Politico:

“Both Media Matters for America and Color of Change are petitioning MSNBC this week to either fire or sanction former GOP presidential candidate and MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan for what the two organizations characterize as the use of his platform to espouse bigotry and white supremacy.”

Well, I realize that Buchanan probably is a racist. He says a lot of offensive stuff, no question. But I think he’s very valuable as an analyst nonetheless.

This clip of him on the show Hardball embedded at Little Green Footballs illustrates why. In that clip, while discussing something pro-“Birther” that Sarah Palin said, Buchanan says:

“Look, I’ve got the ‘Black Helicopter’ folks, used to ask me ‘are you going to abolish the Fed’?… You say ‘Well, look, I basically don’t agree with you… but I’d like your support.‘” (Emphasis added, and I had to transcribe it myself, so it might be a little off.)

This is the sort of thing politicians and strategists think, but aren’t supposed to say. But Buchanan says it. In this way, he is capable of revealing what all the amoral strategists are thinking. Perhaps unintentionally, his instinct for Nixonian tactics enables him to spot them a mile away, and he’s not shy about speaking up about it. And that’s a valuable service.

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